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Adams County revises indigent burial policy

Adams County revises indigent burial policy

11 months, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

Families will sign affidavit, County will seek reimbursement from state of Illinois

The Adams County Board has officially adopted a new policy on indigent burials. Scott Hardy has more.

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The policy was approved Tuesday night by the full Board, and will now include family members filling out an affidavit, saying they and the deceased can't pay. State's Attorney Gary Farha explains.

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The affidavit would stay on file, and if the county later finds that the family does have money, the county could start legal action against the family. Farha also says that the County will contact the state of Illinois more frequently about being reimbursed.

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The State Comptroller's Office says it has $6 million available for indigent burials this fiscal year, and will have another $8 million starting July 1st. The Board also learned that Vermont Street from 5th to 6th should re-open by June 25th, and an Adams County Board committee will review the County's current animal ordinance, after several people spoke out Tuesday night about what they think is a dangerous dog in their neighborhood.

Four people spoke to the Board Tuesday night about a white German Shepard in the Robins Glen subdivision off Cannonball Road, just northeast of Quincy. The neighbors claim the dog has bitten one resident and their dog while in their backyard, and nearly attacked another man and his dog while they were out for a walk. The dog's owner disputed the claims, saying that while their dog is kept in a fenced yard, other dogs in the neighborhood run free without a leash. At one point, as the speakers were leaving the County Board room, tempers flared between the dog's owner and a neighbor, and both had to be separated by a Sheriff's Deputy.

Current code says that the County has to receive three reports of bites to people before any action can be taken.  

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