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Appeals Court rules against Masters in 2015 Murder conviction

Appeals Court rules against Masters in 2015 Murder conviction

3 months ago by Scott Hardy

Says no error in judge's ruling during trial

A 2015 Adams County murder conviction has been upheld, after an Illinois Appellate Court ruled against a Quincy man.

Court documents show that in a unanimous decision filed Tuesday, Illinois's 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found that a judge didn't make an error during the 1st Degree murder trial of Gavin Masters. The judges ruled that Adams County judge Robert Adrian didn't make a mistake in allowing evidence to be heard during the October 2015 trial that Masters tried to commit other crimes. A witness testified in the trial that Masters tried to steal a handgun from a package while he was working at UPS in Quincy. That happened less than two weeks before the July 4th 2015 shooting death of Randy Bowser-Smith, and the shooting of Skyler Osborne in an apartment in the 600 block of College. The shooting happened after a failed drug sale, when Bowser-Smith tried to steal a quarter-pound of marijuana from Masters. Masters then shot both men as they ran from the apartment.

Masters is serving a 115 year prison sentence after his conviction on first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges in the shootings. You can read the full opinion below.

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