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Appoinment of Quincy 5th Ward Alderman delayed

Appoinment of Quincy 5th Ward Alderman delayed

1 year, 3 months ago by Scott Hardy

Appointment of Mark Freiburg delayed a week

A replacement for an elected alderman who never served has been delayed a week by the Quincy City Council. Scott Hardy has more.  

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Mayor Kyle Moore had planned Monday night to nominate Mark Freiburg to take the vacated 5th Ward Aldermanic seat. Terry Traeder was elected last month to take over for former Alderman Jennifer Lepper, but Traeder told Moore in a letter in late April that he would be unable to serve, due to an undisclosed health issue. Moore said after Monday night's meeting that Freiburg's nomination was delayed, to avoid a possible conflict of interest over a liquor license. Moore says that while Freiburg doesn't have a liquor license, he has financial ties to a holder.

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Moore says that the city's code is different from state code on the matter, and the delay was a precaution.

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Aldermen learned that 1st Ward Alderman Virgil Goehl plans to step down after next Monday's Council meeting. Goehl wrote a letter to Moore saying he plans to retire effective May 22nd. Goehl said in the letter that he thinks it's time for someone younger to serve. The 90-year old alderman has been on the council for over 30 years. Like Freiburg, Moore has 60 days to appoint a successor to the Democrat in the 1st Ward. The uncertainty over the status of Freiburg and Goehl's retirement forced the Council to also table for one week appointments to standing Council committees.

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