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Blessing Health System submits plans for ambulatory surgery center relocation.

Blessing Health System submits plans for ambulatory surgery center relocation.

4 months, 1 week ago by Jim Dewey

Blessing wants its' own $21 million Surgery Center at 11th and Spring

Blessing Health System has announced plans to build a 21 million dollar, 2 story Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center or ASTC at its 11th street campus. Blessing's current ASTC facility is in space leased from Quincy Medical Group which has begun construction of its own ASTC at Quincy Mall.

Blessing Corporate Services Chair Tim Koontz says the center will be built on the current physician parking lot at 11th and Spring. Blessing has proposed building a 2 story stand-alone building in what is currently the physicians parking lot at 11th and Spring.

The 36 thousand square foot building would include three operating rooms which are larger than those currently available and three procedure rooms. It would cost about $21 million, which Koontz says is within the state's standard of construction costs per for ASTC facilities.

Blessing is seeking a Certificate of Need from the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Board. That same board issued a similar certificate to Quincy Medical Group for construction of an ASTC in the former Bergner's location at Quincy Mall. "Now that Quincy Medical group has received approval for their own surgery center," Koontz said, "leasing space from QMG is no longer a viable option." He said, that in order for blessing to compete, "we need to have our surgery center in a building we own so that we can continue to provide the safety net services our community needs."

If Blessing receives its certificate of need later this year, the relocated ASTC would be open in January of 2022. Blessing's lease with QMG expires in 2023. There is an option for an additional five years on that lease. Blessing does not plan to exercise that option.

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