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City of Quincy forecasting another $1 million in lost revenue

City of Quincy forecasting another $1 million in lost revenue

6 days, 15 hours ago by Scott Hardy

Revenue expected to be $35 million, down $4 million from last year

The City of Quincy says it will have to do without another million dollars in lost revenue, due to the continued stay-at-home order in the state. Scott Hardy explains.

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That million dollars is what Comptroller Shari Ray told the City Council Monday night that the city is expecting to lose. That's on top of the $2.3 million the city's already said it's expecting to lose in revenue. After the meeting, Mayor Kyle Moore said that the city will have a better idea of how much revenue the city may miss out on, starting next month.

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Moore also said that by July, the city may know more about a possible effort by the Federal government to help make up for the lost revenues.

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As of now, the city's expecting revenues of $35 million, down nearly $4 million from last year. Moore also said that the Police Union has voted to hold off on accepting raises that are in their current contract through July. The Mayor adds that both sides will then meet again to see if any further changes need to be made. The vote means that three new police officers will stay on the job. 

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