Jim Dewey at the Commodity Classic (part 2)


Pic 1 is the Motorcycle built by Paul Jr. Designs for Dekalb in celebration of their 100th anniversary.  It runs on E-85.  I could not convince them to race it against the Biodiesel motorbike.

Pic 2 is the latest John Deere Combine.

Pic 3 is a demonstration from BASF on weed management.

Pic 4 Is from the Pioneer booth.  Most of the NCGA yield contest winners planted Pioneer Corn.

Pic 5 A fun little demonstration from the United Soybean Board to show off  their number one customers.

Pic 6 The president of the National Corn Growers Association, Auburn Illinois corn grower Garry Niemeyer during a press conference.

Pic 7 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack speaking with the press after addressing the Commodity Classic crowd for the third straight year.

The Morning Show with Mary Griffith and Steve Boll