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FY '21 budget to have 4% increase in salaries

FY '21 budget to have 4% increase in salaries

1 month, 2 weeks ago by Scott Hardy

Due to extra pay-period

Quincy Aldermen have learned that the city will be paying nearly 4 per cent more in salaries in the next Fiscal Year budget. Scott Hardy explains why.

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The City Council Tuesday night heard a presentation from Comptroller Sheri Ray about changes in the new budget. That includes a 3.84 per cent increase in salaries, due to the city having one more pay period than normal. That means a $590,000 increase against the General Fund. That extra pay period also means the city will make an additional $163,000 in employee retirement payments to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. In addition to that nearly $800,000, Mayor Kyle Moore says another budgeting change will make next year's General Fund look even bigger, even though it really won't be.

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 Last year, the City spent $3 million to subsidize Central Services. There will also be separate funds in the General Fund for Garbage and Recycling. Moore says that will help the City easier track revenues and costs for both services, now and in the future.

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Last year, the City spent $354,000 to subsidize both services. Two more presentations are planned in March over staffing levels and infrastructure, and the budget should be released by the end of March. The next fiscal year starts May 1st.

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