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1 year, 3 months ago Mike Moyers

You can't believe everything you hear.

The past year has been one of traveling, camping and seeing the country from a new point of view.  Last summer the Moyers family bought a vintage motor home off of a FACEBOOK posting.  Yeah, that’s weird.  We had rented an RV the year before and really enjoyed it.  So, when the RV in question appeared on FACEBOOK at a price that just seemed too good to be true my wife and I had to investigate it.

The upside was the price was right.  The downside was the RV was in South Webster Ohio.  And that’s a long way from here.

On our 2015 vacation we encountered GOOGLEY MAPS and it seemed to work pretty well.  First, it was free and that’s always good.  Second, there was a nice lady’s voice telling you how far, which lane to use and how far until the next convenience store. And third, she was right MOST of the time.

All that changed this past July.

Having never been to South Webster, Ohio we were at the mercy of our trusted GOOGLEY MAP lady.  She got us to Cincinnati just fine and had us winging our way down one of Ohio’s finest four lanes the next morning when that sweet little voice said, “turn right at exit 123 in one half mile.”  So, we did-going from a 70 mile per hour four lane to a 2 lane road that had more twists and turns than a small intestine.  Old road!!  Pre-Truman administration road; like something you might accidently find around these parts-if you were REALLY lost.

Being of limited local knowledge and full of trust my wife and I continued down this path; up this hill, through this valley at speeds topping out at 45-50 miles an hour.  At first we thought it was kind of funny, but that mood soon changed as we were closing in on the time we had set to see the RV and had no idea where we were.

The next thing to go was the cell signal.  No data; no GOOGLEY MAP lady.  We were on our own.  Rounding a bend we came upon a town (I guess?), complete with 1 four-way stop and a filling station.  Not a convenience store, a filling station.  My wife went inside to get directions and I decided to top off the tank only to learn that there was no pay at the pump.  Where were we; 1966?

Thankfully the man running the gas station gave us directions that were easy to follow and about 30 minutes later we rolled into Portsmouth, Ohio where they had running water, electricityand cell service.   South Webster was about 20 minutes away.  We called the owners of the RV and told them we were running late.

Needless to say, we bought the RV, and took the four lane back to Cincinnati.

GOOGLEYMAPS got us lost on our summer vacation a few weeks later.  But that’s another story in itself.

I like GOOGLEYMAPs until it decides to route you to places that aren’t there, gated communities and military strongholds.

Or to filling stations where the 2 guys working look like cast members from Deliverance.  



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