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Memorial Bridge re-opened

Memorial Bridge re-opened

6 months, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

East-bound lanes of Maine St., 3rd - 4th also open

Good news came Friday for drivers who travel to and from Missouri into Quincy.

Officials with both the Illinois and Missouri Departments of Transportation opened the Memorial Bridge to traffic Friday morning. Access to Missouri had been limited to one lane of the Bayview Bridge, after flooding on the Mississippi River covered Highway 24 leading to the Memorial Bridge. The river's gone down enough though so officials could clean the highway and remove debris on the side of the Memorial Bridge before re-opening it. East-bound drivers coming into Quincy will also be able to use Maine Street from 3rd to 4th Streets. West-bound traffic on that section of Maine is still closed, due to fears of possibly more bricks falling off the facade of the Lincoln-Douglas building.

There's no word from the building's owners on when repairs will be made to the building.

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