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Moore asks residents to limit numbers, purchases at grocery stores

Moore asks residents to limit numbers, purchases at grocery stores

4 months, 3 weeks ago by Scott Hardy

First meeting held via teleconferencing; six Alderman take advantage

Quincy's Mayor is asking residents to limit how many family members go to the grocery store, and to only buy what's needed. Scott Hardy explains why.

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Mayor Kyle Moore made the request Monday night during the Quincy City Council meeting. At the meeting, Moore asked that only one family member should go to the store, and that purchases be limited to only what's needed. After the meeting, Moore explained why.

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Moore also addressed concerns that one, or both Quincy bridges would be closed to traffic, saying they wouldn't. The Mayor also announced that city residents can now use the drive-up facility just south of City Hall, to pay utility bills or to talk to a member of the utility department. Moore said the idea to use the drive-through was proposed last week.

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The meeting featured the first use of remote teleconferencing equipment for aldermen to use, which six of them did. The meeting was also live-streamed to those who requested a link. Residents can do so weekly by emailing coq-meeting@quincyil.gov 

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