Mary Griffith

On the Air Monday - Friday
6:00 am - 10:00 am

Favorite TV Show: White Collar

Favorite Sports Team: St. Louis Cardinals & Holy Family Shamrocks

Favorite Food: Maryland Crab Cakes & Cheesecake

Favorite Vacation Destination: Someplace I've never been - Maine 

In the movies, I'd be played by.... Kim Basinger of course! She is my identical triplet sister!

Favorite WTAD moment: Getting my White House press pass! I can't believe I passed the background check! And anytime I can annoy Steve Boll 

The tie that binds "Stevie Ray" Boll and "Pinky" Griffith together: obsession with  each others hairdos

Mary is a mentor for the Quincy Public Schools, she is an active volunteer for QCT & a John Wood Mansion Tour Guide. 


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