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QMG asks for delay in hearing on Blessing surgery center

QMG asks for delay in hearing on Blessing surgery center

11 months, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

State review board due to consider project Sept. 17

Quincy Medical Group has asked a state board to delay hearing a request later this month by Blessing Health System to build a new Surgery Center on its' main campus.

The request by QMG came in a letter to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board, released late Tuesday. In its' letter, QMG says that Blessing plans to have 28 recovery stations in the new Center. That's four more than the State Board Standard of 24. The Review Board's staff released a report Tuesday about Blessing's proposal, saying that out of 23 criteria, the only one Blessing didn't meet was the four extra recovery stations. QMG says that Blessing needs to provide the Board with documentation about the extra stations. QMG says it wants the Board to factor in their proposed Surgery Center in the Quincy Mall, when considering Blessing's proposal. They also say that the Board should further review Blessing's claim that the new Surgery Center would lead to $1.4 million a year in savings. QMG is also asking that Blessing Corporate Services be listed as a co-applicant on the Surgery Center application. The Review Board plans to hear Blessing's request September 17th.

Blessing wants to build a new $21 million, 35,000 square foot Surgery Center on its' main campus at 11th and Broadway. The Center would be connected to the Hospital by a walk-way. Blessing hopes to complete the new Surgery Center by late January 2022. QMG's letter to the Review Board is available to read below.

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