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QMG turns down Blessing joint venture for current Surgery Center

QMG turns down Blessing joint venture for current Surgery Center

7 months ago by Scott Hardy

Cites "insurmountable obstacles" to agreement

Quincy Medical Group has turned down the latest ownership proposal from Blessing Hospital for the Surgery Center on Hampshire.  

In a letter sent Wednesday to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board, QMG CEO Carol Brockmiller cited "insurmountable obstacles" to a joint venture agreement with Blessing over the current Surgery Center, or the proposed new Surgery Center at the Quincy Mall. She also said that a joint venture at the current location isn't viable, saying "it will not solve the need for affordable access to surgical care in Adams County." Brockmiller also said that the venture was problematic from a legal and business perspective, citing "fraud and abuse risks, and anti-trust concerns."

QMG says it plans to appear before the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board when it meets April 30th in suburban Bolingbrook. It's submitted additional information to the Board, in an attempt to sway it to approve a new $19.5 million Surgery Center in the former Bergner's building in the Quincy Mall.

Blessing Health Services has responded to that additional information submitted by QMG, saying that it still doesn't prove a need for a second Surgery Center.  

Blessing submitted a letter Wednesday to the Review Board, saying that the information submitted not only doesn't prove the need for the proposed Surgery Center in the Quincy Mall, it also does not "change the significant medical impact the project will have on Blessing Hospital and the region's safety net services." Blessing has previously said that a new Surgery Center would cause it to lose $21 million, and have to cut 400 jobs. In the letter, Blessing also said that QMG didn't answer the Review Board's "very serious patient safety concerns" over a proposed cardiac cath lab at the new Surgery Center. Blessing also advocates for the proposed 50-50 joint venture with QMG in the current surgery center on Hampshire.

The two sides still plan to meet April 17.

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