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QPS Federation calls strike

QPS Federation calls strike

1 year, 3 months ago KHQA Mary Griffith Jim Dewey

The Quincy Federation which represents more than 800 teachers and staff of the Quincy Public School District say they will go on strike on Wednesday, January 17th after negotiators failed to reach a contract agreement last night.

 According to KHQA News - QPS Board President Sayeed Ali said the district and union representatives came to terms on all language matters but money could not be resolved.

 "We were able to tentatively agree on all of those," Ali said. "Unfortunately we do not have another meeting set to do discuss compensation...I just think we are too far apart."

 Quincy Federation Spokesperson, Jen Drew, said early Wednesday morning the best word to describe the current situation is "disappointment."

 "Disappointment in that what we are asking for is a fair wage for our employees," Drew said. "We feel our numbers are correct and that they are able to offer us what we are asking. Just disappointment that they are not able to offer us or willing to offer us what we are asking for when we know what is there." She said that a new contract agreement with compensation increases is still a top priority.

 "The mediators will be back to work with both sides," Drew said. "We will be ready to sit down at the table and continue things. Just because our members are on strike, the negotiation team and board will continue to work behind the scenes to reach an agreement to have this disrupt the lives of students as little as possible."

 After an 8 hour negotiating session last week - the two sides met again last night for another 8 hours before calling it quits at 1:30 this morning.

 The union striking the Quincy Public Schools does not represent all district employees.

 Another union, SEIU, represents early childhood school bus drivers, food service workers and other support staff.

 SEIU is not on strike, but its workers will be left without the ability to work once the district shuts down next Tuesday.

 In an e-mail to the SEIU state organizer, Quincy Superintendent Roy Webb says the strike by the other union will not have any negative impact as far as pay or benefits on SEIU members. Webb is asking SEIU members to stay home during the strike.

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