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Quincy 45 x 30 marketing contract approved

Quincy 45 x 30 marketing contract approved

4 weeks, 1 day ago by Scott Hardy

North Star Place Branding awarded 3-year agreement

A major part of Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore's plan to grow the city's population by the end of the decade has been approved by the Quincy City Council. Scott Hardy has more.

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The City Council Monday night voted to approve a three-year, $625,000 Strategic Marketing Services agreement with North Star Place Branding of Nashville. The company, which helped develop the Right on Q branding campaign, says it will implement a four-point plan as part of the city's 45 x 30 campaign, to get Quincy's population up to 45,000 people by 2030. That includes recruiting former Quincy residents to move back, attracting new residents, recruiting regional and national businesses and improving the city's image through a resident and business public relations plan. Moore calls the plan a "big city plan for our small town".

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Moore also says the campaign will work to change people's views about the state of Illinois.

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Moore says it will take North Star several months to complete work on the campaigns, and he hopes the city will see results within the first two years.

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Moore says the Council will hear about two other parts of the plan in April - a $100,000 fund to attract national acts to Quincy, and the final plan to rehab the city's riverfront.

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