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Quincy City Council committee recommends garbage sticker fee hike

Quincy City Council committee recommends garbage sticker fee hike

5 months, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

Garbage & Recycling Committee also recommends $3 sticker for curb-side yard waste pickup

The Quincy City Council will have some decisions to make later this month about the city's garbage, recycle and yard-waste pick-up programs. Scott Hardy has more.

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The Council's Garbage and Recycling Ad-hoc Committee met Monday night after the City Council meeting, and voted to recommend to the full council that it reject 3 bids from private garbage haulers. It also recommended that the Council accept a 5-year contract from Republic to continue using the current landfill, and recommended that garbage stickers double in price from .75 to $1.50. The Council will have to decide whether recycling will be handled by a private company, offering bi-weekly pickup with 95-gallon totes, or if the city renews its' current contract with Quincy Recycle. That's because the Committee voted to send those proposals to the Council without a recommendation. The Committee did vote to recommend that the Council approve a five-year contract with Evans Recycling for yard waste, and that the city pay for curb-side pickup with a $3 sticker. After the meeting, Mayor Kyle Moore said that the proposals are based on what residents at two town halls said they were willing to accept.

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Moore's administration may also come up with a plan for a possible user fee for recycling. That may be revealed next week. The Council will have a first reading on the proposed fees and ordinances next week, and could hold a final vote by the end of the month.

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