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Quincy City Council to re-hear Food/Beverage tax ordinance

Quincy City Council to re-hear Food/Beverage tax ordinance

6 months, 2 weeks ago by Scott Hardy

Will also hear 1st reading of Sales Tax hike

The Quincy City Council will again hear a first reading of a proposed ordinance to implement a 2% Food and Beverage tax.

The Council agenda published Friday afternoon shows that ordinance will again be considered Monday night. It was tabled last Monday night, due to a lack of a second, and if passed, would bring in $1.5 million to the city annually. Aldermen will also hear a first reading of a proposed quarter-cent hike in the city's Home Rule sales tax. The idea for the increase was floated last Monday by Mayor Kyle Moore at a Council of the Whole meeting, and could bring in an estimated $1.3 million. Last Monday, Moore said he favors the Food and Beverage tax.

( Mayor Kyle Moore  :09 )

If approved, the sales tax hike would go into effect July 1st. The proposed increases are part of an effort by the city to erase a proposed $1.8 million deficit in the next Fiscal Year budget, starting May 1. The deficit's being blamed on a decrease in funding from the state of Illinois, and little to no growth in sales tax revenues. The City Council is also expected to hear a first reading of an ordinance to adopt the Quincy Next Strategic Plan. That's been recommended by the Plan Commission.

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