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Quincy falls below 40,000 population

Quincy falls below 40,000 population

6 months, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

Estimates released Thursday by Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has released estimated numbers that show that the Tri-State area continues to lose residents, including the city of Quincy, which is now below 40,000. 

The Census Bureau released the numbers Thursday, showing that the estimated population of the Quincy Micropolitan Area is now 75,211. That's down 250 people from 2018. That area covers Adams and Lewis Counties. The numbers show that the city of Quincy is now below 40,000 in population as of 2019. The Census Bureau estimates that 39,949 people live in the city. That's 99 less people than 2018. Adams County itself is estimated to have lost 188 people in 2019, and is at 65,435 people. Brown County gained 15 people, while Hancock County lost 120, Pike County lost 34 people and Schuyler County lost 102 people. McDonough County led Illinois counties in the listening area, losing 302 people.

The Hannibal Micropolitan Area gained 65 people in 2019, to 38,839. That includes Marion and Ralls counties. The city of Hannibal itself lost 25 people, with an estimated population of 17,346. Other Northeast Missouri counties had slight population losses as well, ranging from 6 in Knox County and 10 in Marion County to 200 in Pike County. Monroe County gained 8 people over the past year.

The City of Keokuk is down 85 people to 10,157. Lee County is down 252 people to 33,657.

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