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Quincy Garbage and Recycle Committee formed

Quincy Garbage and Recycle Committee formed

8 months ago by Scott Hardy

Will study current set-up, report by end of August

The Quincy City Council has approved the formation of a committee to study the city's Garbage and Recycling programs.

The Council approved the appointment of the Committee Monday night, which will be chaired by 4th Ward Tony Sassen. Aldermen Jennifer Lepper, Dave Bauer, Richie Reis and Jeff Bergman will be on the committee, along with Director of Administrative Services Skip Bright and Central Services Director Kevin McClean. That committee will study the garbage and recycling programs and decide whether to continue with the current set-up, change it, or privatize it. The appointments come one day before the first meeting of the City's Sustainability committee is held Tuesday afternoon. Committee Chairman and 6th Ward Alderman Jeff VanCamp says what he hopes the committee can accomplish.

( Jeff VanCamp  :12 )

Both committees reports are due by the end of August, with possible action expected by this October.

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