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Report shows Monroe City not fully implementing audit recommendations

Report shows Monroe City not fully implementing audit recommendations

1 week ago by Scott Hardy

State Auditor Nicole Galloway says only three of eleven recommendations are fully implemented

A report from the Missouri State Auditor's Office says that Monroe City has implemented or is in the process of implementing changes recommended by a 2019 audit, but that most of the other recommendations either haven't been implemented fully, or at all.

That report, issued Monday by Auditor Nicole Galloway, says that Monroe City has completed three out of 11 changes recommended by the audit. They include the city's Industrial Development Fund repaying the Gas Fund $644,000 in March, along with changes to the city's policy for handling late payments for utility bills. The city also made corrections in how the City Council follows the state's Sunshine Law about what they talk about in closed sessions. Two other recommendations about how the Utility Department should monitor monthly losses and do a cost-benefit analysis are being developed. All other proposed changes were either partly made, or not made at all. Among the recommended changes not made are the City's policy of using restricted monies for the General Fund, including nearly $742,000 from the City's Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer Funds to the General Fund in Fiscal Year 2020. The Auditor's Office says that the city hasn't determined the value of government services being offset by the transfers, hasn't documented support for the amounts transferred, and hasn't evaluated the effect on the General Fund. Monroe City's Mayor told the Auditor's Office that the city can't implement the recommendation without "significantly cutting services and expenditures."

The full report is availble below.

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