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Vets Home, City of Quincy to have new water source

Vets Home, City of Quincy to have new water source

8 months ago by Scott Hardy

State and City will each pay $3 million to dig ground-water well

Within a year, both the Illinois Veterans Home and the city of Quincy will have a new water source. Scott Hardy has more. 

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Wednesday announced on the riverfront that the state Environmental Protection Agency and the City will each provide $3 million to pay for digging a well into a groundwater aquifer. That would provide a new water source not only for the Vets Home, but for the city.

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Governor Rauner says that planning and digging the well will take about a year, and that construction should start later this summer. Sources within the city say that the plan is similar to one that was floated earlier this year to the City Council, with several possible sites to choose from. Governor Rauner says that water from an aquifer will be safer for Vets Home residents.

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Rauner said he plans to spend the night Wednesday at the Vets Home, marking his first overnight stay since he spent a week at the Home in January. Quincy's Mayor says he's grateful for the help the state is providing for the new water source, and that finding a new source has been a goal for the city since 1981. Mayor Kyle Moore was on hand during Governor Rauner's announcement Wednesday afternoon, and says that drilling into an underground aquifer will solve several problems the city's had with its' water over the years.

( Mayor Kyle Moore :13 ) 

Moore says he's confident that the city has the $3 million for its' share of the project, identifying savings from this year's capital budget that can be used.

( Mayor Kyle Moore :13 )

Moore also says that switching from the river to an aquifer should cut down on instances where the city's water supply has had an odor.  

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