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Winds down tree limbs in Hannibal, cause dust storms in central IL

Winds down tree limbs in Hannibal, cause dust storms in central IL

1 year, 1 month ago by Scott Hardy

Route MM closed until 3PM; one person dead in Douglas County, IL

Storms that moved through parts of the Tri-States Wednesday afternoon caused numerous problems, especially in Hannibal.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says no one was hurt after a tree limb fell on a passing vehicle on Route MM. It says that crews were able to move limbs, and keep the road open. MoDOT says that MM is closed from US 61 to Veteran's Road until 3PM, so crews can remove two large trees. Local traffic is being allowed to use MM at Highway 61. The high winds that moved through the area also downed a tree in Quincy's South Park, that landed on the large shelter house.

The worst conditions were seen on I-72 in Morgan County, near the Sangamon County line. A dust storm, caused by loose soil from nearby farms, caused a 40-car pileup. The storm led to all lanes of I-72 being closed for nearly five hours. One person was killed Wednesday afternoon in a mutli-car pileup on Route 36, two miles east of Tuscola, according to the Douglas County, Illinois Sheriff’s office.

Eastbound Illinois 104 at Auburn was also closed Wednesday, after numerous multi-vehicle accidents due to the dust storm.

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