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City to end curb-side recycling pickup in March

City to end curb-side recycling pickup in March

1 week, 6 days ago by Scott Hardy

Free drop-off service will be offered at three locations

The Quincy City Council has voted to change how the city handles recycled materials, starting next year. Scott Hardy has more.

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The City Council Monday night approved an ordinance that will change how recycled materials are collected, on an 8-7 vote. Mayor Mike Troup broke a 7-all deadlock with the deciding yes vote. Afterwards, he said he was comfortable casting that vote.

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Under the ordinance, the city will stop offering curb-side pick-up. Residents will instead drop off recycled items at three sites on the city's north, south and east sides, starting next March. The city estimates the plan will cost around $300,000 to convert the sites, which are expected to be on Broadway, and west of 12th Street, on both the north and south parts of the city. An announcement on where those sites will be is expected next month. The city says that glass, plastic, cardboard and paper will be accepted at all three sites. The city had said that the current recycling set up resulted in a loss of over $300,000 a year, as well as a potential cost of $1 million to replace three city recycling trucks. In addition, the city will be able to use four Central Service employees now working on recycle pick-up for other jobs. Mayor Troup says that's an added benefit for the whole city.

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Under the ordinance, Quincy police will also be able to write tickets for illegal dumping at the sites, which will be monitored by cameras, and available to use from sunrise to sunset. A private trash collector, Steinkamp Hauling, has verbally promised to provide curbside recycling after the city's program ends. There's no word yet on what they would charge. Opponents had cited the inconvenience to elderly and disabled residents that a lack of curb-side pickup would cause.

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