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Counterfeit money showing up in Quincy

Counterfeit money showing up in Quincy

1 month, 1 week ago by Scott Hardy

QPD says that $100 bills are also showing up in Illinois and Missouri

Quincy police say that someone's been using counterfeit money in Quincy and in Northeast Missouri.

The QPD said Friday that they've been getting reports counterfeit $100 bills being passed in the city. They say the fake money's also been spotted in Missouri and other surrounding areas. The bills pass the pen test when checked by business owners. Police say that the paper will peel apart when checked. Many of the bills have similar serial numbers. The most recent serial numbers used are HL62256314G and HL62256311G.

The QPD says that if anyone tries to use one of these bills, to call them at 217-222-9360 and give them the information.

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