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6 years, 6 months ago Bobbe White

Have you had a hard week? Busy week? Crazy busy week? When the weeks go quite fast, shouldn’t we be less tired? You know, it’s kind of like when your gas gauge says “EMPTY! EMPTY! EMPTY!” and you think if you go faster in order to reach your destination sooner, you’ll use less gas. Not so. So this week has been busier than a cranberry merchant in Nantucket, so I’m keeping it short and sharing a couple of memes that might bring a smile, a “YES!” or even a chuckle. Area educators are at Quincy Conference, children are taking a couple days off and the rest of us poor schmucks are working today and a few more of us are even showing up Saturday.

My husband is one of the few enjoying the break from the weather, because harvest keeps a pack of people hopping from morning until evening and now everyone in agriculture around here gets a break (ha-ha) to go inside for a couple of days and catch up on bookwork, machine repairs and get reintroduced to the family dog.

“Hi! Who are you?” so says the dog.

Hang in there friends, we are busy people – remember to do something just for yourself for thirty minutes this month. It’s early, only the sixth, so you’ve got 25 days to figure it out. bw


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