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And God Made a Farmer

And God Made a Farmer

2 years ago Mike Moyers

And God Made a Farmer.  I heard those words this past Saturday morning at the closing of “Loos Tales” on WTAD.  They were spoken by the show’s host, Trent Loos, who was describing his father, Larry.

I didn’t know Larry very well, but I wished I had.  From all I’m able to gather Larry Loos was the kind of person we should all work harder to be like.  Loving, giving, a man of God, a hard worker, involved in the community, a coach and, most important, a fine man.

So, when my wife LeAnn and I stood in line with the hundreds who turned out for Larry’s visitation, I could see, first hand, the kind of impact Larry Loos had on those around him.   And I could see his influence in the way his family dealt with their loss and how they genuinely appreciated each person who had taken the time to show their respect.  It’s the way he would have wanted it.

Which brings me back to And God Made a Farmer as delivered by Trent Loos.

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