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Quincy City Council approves first reading of property tax levy, District renewal

Quincy City Council approves first reading of property tax levy, District renewal

9 months, 3 weeks ago by Scott Hardy

Approves sick-day buy back ordinance for several departments

The Quincy City Council will decide in two weeks time on extending a Special Service Area that makes up The District downtown, and its' ability to levy taxes. Scott Hardy has more.

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The Council Monday night approved a first reading of two ordinances about The Historic Quincy Business District. The first would extend The District for another ten years, while the second would would continue a tax levy to help fund the organization. Afterwards, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore says he can feel the momentum the organization is generating downtown.

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The Council also approved a first reading of an ordinance to set up next year's property tax levy. As of now, the city will have to raise its' property tax rate by nearly 7 point 4 per cent. The amount could be less, if the state of Illinois gives a lower estimate of what the city should levy for police and fire pensions. Moore says that right now, state law limits what the city can do.

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The Council voted to approve an ordinance to lower the amount of sick days some city workers can cash in on. That ordinance cuts the number of days firefighters can hold on to from 90 to 45. Firefighters and the city agreed to the change while negotiating a new labor deal. Other city workers will have their sick days cut back as well, as part of a way for the city to save nearly 650 thousand dollars in buy-back costs.

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