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Supporters make case for QPS property tax hike

Supporters make case for QPS property tax hike

6 months, 4 weeks ago by Mary Griffith

Say District leadership can be trusted to spend additional money wisely

Quincy Public School District voters will go to the polls March 17th to decide a 53-cent property tax hike referendum, and a citizens' group says that the district's leadership can be trusted with the money.  

If passed, the tax hike would bring in $5.3 million more each year to help pay higher wages and salaries for non-certified and certified school district personnel. QPS says that the state of Illinois has passed laws for a higher minimum wage and a higher minimum starting teachers' salary but hasn't provided any funds to local school districts to meet that mandate. Local businessman Jeff Spear is one of a group of civic leaders trying to convince fellow Quincyans to say yes to the tax increase. Appearing Tuesday on WTAD's Mary Griffith Show, Spear says Quincy is dead last in education fund assessment compared to other school districts. Quincy's education fund property tax rate has been at $1.84 since 1988. Spear says this administration can be trusted to spend the money wisely for the benefit of students.  

(  Jeff Spear  :26  )

If voters approve, a person owning a $100,000 home would pay about $200 more each year in school district property taxes. The full interview is available in the podcast section.

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