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Things Not To Do In March

Things Not To Do In March

1 year, 3 months ago Mike Moyers

Filling out an NCAA bracket and watching a bad movie are 2 ways a person can waste time. Unfortunately, I recently did both.

First the bracket: I don’t follow college hoops like I used to so I’m one of the millions who fill out a bracket without a trace of clue of who’s good and who’s not.  Sure, I like to watch Duke when they’re on TV and would care more about Illinois or Mizzou if either were worth a darn. But they’re not.  And there you go.

So, Tuesday of this week I got on Yahoo.com and used their template to fill out my bracket.  There are a million of freebies on the web a person can use.  But Yahoo, to my way of thinking, is the best.  You get a full scouting report of each team, points per game, points allowed, key players, key injuries, key wins and the percentage of people who had chosen each team to win.  Filling the bracket out with this kind of data available took about a half hour. And when I was done Mr. Moyers’s Perfect Bracket was saved on Yahoo so I could reference it at any time.  

By the way, I chose Winthrop, a team that had embarrassed Illinois early in the year, to defeat Butler in the first round-and missed.  So, my South Region choices were toast 2 hours and forty minutes into the tournament.


And have you seen Manchester By The Sea?  What?  You started to watch it but decided trimming your toenails would be time better spent?  Well, you’re way ahead of me.

Here’s a flick that won 2 Academy Awards that my wife and I gave up on TWICE, but decided to ride it out.  First, the movie mysteriously appeared on our Direct TV DVR menu and neither of us had purchased the show.  Go figure.

Anyway, given all the accolades the movie had acquired, we gave it a shot.   Take my advice: don’t bother.

Casey Affleck plays a depressed person who returns to his home town to handle the issues left behind following the death of his brother.  And that's the cheerful part of the movie.   Popcorn? Sure.  Right after I hang myself.

The movie was awful.  The best description I can come up with is Manchester By The Sea is 2 hours and 17 minutes of uncomfortable situations highlighted by actors who mumble and speak with a New England accent.   I had to put the closed captioning on because I couldn’t understand about half of what was being uttered.

IMBD gave this thing an 8.0 rating (what the hell?) and the movie won 105 awards and was nominated over 225 times.  Affleck’s performance (or lack thereof) earned him a boat load (there’s a boat in this flick too) of hardware for best actor.

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

So, do yourself TWO favors: put your NCAA bracket away until the first Tuesday in April.  You can look at it when you’re standing in line to vote. And DO NOT rent Manchester By The Sea.  It’s awful.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.  Is it beer-thirty yet?





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