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Knee Jerks:What's It Really All About?

Knee Jerks:What's It Really All About?

6 years, 6 months ago Mike Moyers

A message to to the kneeling protest crowd.

Gee, what to discuss around the water cooler?  How about the NFL?

Yep, everyone has an opinion and there are a lot of people weighing in.  Those on the left are applauding the players and taking Donald Trump to task.  Those on the right are burning their NFL jerseys and tickets and vowing not to watch the game.

Does that pretty much sum things up where you live?  Thought so.

But ask yourself this question: what’s the message here?  What’s the protest REALLY about?  Is everyone on the same page? It’s like these guys came out of the huddle and ran 11 different plays.  One guy says one thing, another guy adds his two cents and another just nods in agreement with the first two.  I think if you separtately asked 100 NFL players what the protest was about you would  get 100 different answers.

I don’t believe the players know.  And I think the coaches and owners are too scared to call the players out on this issue.

Sure, they’ll fine them for being late to practice or suspend them for under inflating a football.  But on something as touchy as this issue,whatever this issue is, well, hold on there.  Mr. Owner doesn’t want to be called a racist, now does he?

Let’s just say the issue is social injustice.  That term can be intrepreted a number of ways.  Does that mean everyone in America practices social injustice?  You, me?  How about the guy selling beer on Sundays in section 165?  What about Clara over there working in the concession stand?  Are the players protesting her?  Hey!  She needs that job; she’s got kids to support.  Aren’t you, Mr. NFL player, creating a little social injustice with your actions?   Hmmmm?

And here’s another thing Mr. NFL player: the stadium you’re kneeling in was most likely made possible with the help of taxpayer dollars.   Taxpayers!!  Remember when your team's owner threatened to move the team which forced the city to throw some money at the problem to keep you guys around?   Remember that?

And have you given any thought to Bob and his family over there in section 264?  The trip to the game today cost Bob over $600.  Add in the bucks they shelled out for concessions and parking and ol' Middle America Bob there has a big dollar invested in his trip to the stadium HE helped build. Do you think they came to see you kneel?  By the way, Bob did 2 tours in Iraq. That racist Bob…..what a bad guy.

And speaking of veterans how about Lee in Colorado?  He’s disabled and can’t make it to the games.  But he enjoyed watching them on Direct TV Prime Ticket; until he canceled his subscription Tuesday.  Lee’s fed up with your social justice BS.

So Mr. NFL player here’s some advice.  And it’s not from me.  It’s from the great Jim Brown. 

"I'm going to give you the real deal: I'm an American," Brown said. "I don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I'm not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem.”

That comes from a man who experienced social injustice first hand most every day of his young life.

Just remember Mr. NFL player; many a career has been cut short because of a knee injury.  But at the rate you’re going it just might be the first time an entire league was taken out because of one.








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