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6 years, 5 months ago Mary Griffith

It may seem harder today to find something positive to say about Quincy public school administration or teachers.

But, I rise to praise both.

The QHS musical is a perfect example of educators knowing their students and picking an art form to help those students show off individual talents.

L'il Abner is not my favorite musical, but I can see why the educators at QHS chose that show for this year.  It is filled with juicy "bit-parts" and "character roles" to let dozens of students shine.  The leads are great, but to shut out dozens of other equally talented students would have been a poor decision.  From Moonbeam McSwine to Mammy Yokum to Evil Eye Fleagle and Available Jones, every student cast in a supporting role steals the stage in their scenes.  The decision to let dozens of students have the spotlight if only for a brief moment was a wise one for the QHS educators.  Over 60 students get their name in the program as portraying a named character in L'il Abner.

I saw L'il Abner Wednesday night.  (The show runs thru Nov 12th).  At intermission, I spotted our Superintendent of Schools, Roy Webb.  Now, I fully expect top administrators to support activities in our schools.  Webb took time to come out on opening night.  The show wasn't finished until 11pm.  I don't know Webb well, but I do see him at a lot of school events.  He seems engaged beyond the 9-5.

Let's hope a school strike can be averted.  I take no side.  I simply rise to praise educators, support staff and administrators for caring about students.

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